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The fallout…..

So interesting….as I file my daily blog here on The POINT’s site—-the venom some show toward me for yesterday’s decision.  You should see some of the emails/texts/tweets/Facebook posts—-   “Yankee go home!” “I’ll never listen or support The POINT again!”   The Yankee one was the best one even though it was one of the cleaner/family-friendly… Read more »

Friday’s views on Charleston….

  It didn’t take long for President Obama to politicize the tragic massacre in Charleston by the murderer.  His very first comments had him on a gun control rant.  But, you’d expect me to take time to criticize Mr. Obama for this position and this action.  Forget what Keven Cohen has to say….perhaps the words… Read more »

Local radio—nothing better!

Local Radio is amazing. It’s phenomenal. The ability to connect with people of The Midlands on a day-to-day basis is remarkable. Whether it’s a tragedy or a triumph—whether it’s a corrupt elected official or a high school coach after a team wins a championship, local radio brings a community together. Make no mistake, massive corporately-owned… Read more »