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The fallout…..

So interesting….as I file my daily blog here on The POINT’s site—-the venom some show toward me for yesterday’s decision.  You should see some of the emails/texts/tweets/Facebook posts—-   “Yankee go home!” “I’ll never listen or support The POINT again!”   The Yankee one was the best one even though it was one of the cleaner/family-friendly… Read more »

Tragedy—100% avoidable

3-year-old Ohio boy kills self with gun found in mom’s purse Below is a link to a story that should have never happened. It’s another case of a young child finding a gun in a purse and like children will do—pulling a trigger and killing himself or someone else. This time, this beautiful little boy… Read more »

Mick Mulvaney Live

5th District US Congressman Mick Mulvaney is live with me at 4:10 on Friday afternoon. Click LISTEN LIVE above to tune in for it.

Local radio—nothing better!

Local Radio is amazing. It’s phenomenal. The ability to connect with people of The Midlands on a day-to-day basis is remarkable. Whether it’s a tragedy or a triumph—whether it’s a corrupt elected official or a high school coach after a team wins a championship, local radio brings a community together. Make no mistake, massive corporately-owned… Read more »