Gonna be a wild ride…..

I doubted Donald Trump when he first entered the race for the Republican nomination.  I doubted Donald Trump after the “Summer of Trump” in 2015.  I doubted Mr. Trump after the holidays and after each of his outrageous remarks.  I waited for the implosion.  It never happened.  With each remark, his popularity seemed to skyrocket.  He’s changed the rules to the game—in fact, he’s changed the game. 

Hillary Clinton is a remarkable Democratic candidate.  I have to believe a lot of Dems are having buyer’s remorse with Mrs. Clinton.  Think about it—she’s been the basically, guaranteed nominee from day-one!  The whole system has been rigged to make sure even when she loses a primary, she still wins.  Even though the writing has been on the wall for months—Bernie Sanders continues to win primary races.  So, you have a candidate—who rarely does press conferences—who is being handled to simply “not blow it”. She’s under investigation by the FBI right now and can’t win primaries even though she’s a lock to be the nominee. 

This should have been a GOP blow-out.  Mrs. Clinton is a horrific candidate—but the Republican voters have made it clear they want someone from the outside.

I know I said I doubted Mr. Trump and he’s proved me wrong—but, I still think the Dems and Mrs. Clinton will win in November.  

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