Governor does the right thing

When our South Carolina General Assembly convened in early January, they were given one responsibility; fix the roads.  So…..they’ve done that!  Yeah!  Rah Rah!  Good job!  Well, not-so-much.  The bill is not good—the tax….or, should we say, the fees involved are not good.  Add to that the absolute fact that the reform this bill claims to have on the DOT is a joke.  Listen—if you call the money coming in a tax, it has to go to fixing roads and nothing else.  If you call it a fee, you open the door to using our money for other things.  That’s not okay!

So, South Carolina Gov Henry McMaster promised he would veto the bill and did just that.  Good job Gov!  He was in a tough spot—and handled it really, the only way he could.  Imagine this…..

You’re Governor McMaster—you can sign it and then run for Governor in 2018 and be the Republican that increased our taxes.  That wouldn’t fly.  Or, you could veto it—yeah, you’ll be criticized by some for the veto—but you won’t get attacked in your party’s primary race for not taking the conservative approach.

This was really the Gov’s first real decisive move.  His idea of borrowing money for roads was not a good idea.  Now, if the roads get fixed….good.  If we see (as I expect) that some of this money gets diverted and people in power (Hugh Leatherman) steer money to family members or personal interests….the Gov will be vindicated.  

In the end, you’ll see some roads fixed.  You’ll see some high-fives….but try tracking all those dollars that’ll come in from this new fee/tax.  How much will end up in the hands of people who are close to the decision-makers?  

Time will tell…

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