How does this happen in 2017?

          I think about the world we live in here in Columbia, South Carolina.  I think about the technologies we have—about the comforts we live in.  I know we have it pretty good.  Then, I think about what the terrorists are doing on the other side of the world. It’s really tough for me to comprehend.  I feel like the world is on fire at times.  ISIS isn’t a “caveman” terrorist group.  Remember after 9/11 when we heard about the Taliban working out of a cave?  9/11 took years to plan.  Today, ISIS has mastered social media.  They are experts in video production.  This is not your grandpa’s terrorist organization.  This isn’t Yassar Arafat’s PLO.  In other words—–this is a terror organization that understands it is 2017. 

         For me, that’s what makes it even harder for me to understand. These terrorists are westernized.  They use our technologies against us.  They know how to talk and reach people all over the world and effectively.   These sickos claim to do what they do in the name of their religion.  No way!  They are incredibly radicalized.  They are wicked and evil.  How can anyone, who goes to a concert venue and blows up eight-year-old girls at an Ariana Grande concert find any justification in these actions?  How blind with evil does someone have to be to blow up children at a concert— children who have never even heard of ISIS—-children who don’t know anything about the supposed struggles ISIS members have faced and fought for.  There’s no higher-power imaginable that can justify driving a car at unsuspecting people on a bridge in a peaceful part of the world.  These are people who have never worn a military uniform or done anything except raise their families and go to work every day.

You might say— “How is what ISIS does to innocent people any different than what the US has done when it’s blown up some bad guys with a drone and some innocent person’s house gets blown up by accident?” There’s some validity to that—collateral damage is a nice p-c term for “We screwed up!”  That said—intent has something to do with it also.  They are often using people as human shields and we’re bombing a place based on the best intel we can get.  In the case of these terrorists targeting innocent people, come on, there’s a big difference between a war-zone and teeny-bopper concert.

All I’m saying is that in 2017, it’s amazing to me that the worlds we live in are so different.  Yes, we have it great here—we are spoiled and we take a lot of what we have for granted.  We don’t know what poor really is—we are never turned away from an emergency room if we have a health scare and we live with things like smart phones and air conditioning every day.  We have it good.  At the risk of sounding arrogant—and that is not my intention—are we so evolved that most of us can tolerate seeing a black man and a white woman holding hands walking down the street?  Are we so evolved that most of us can handle a gay-pride rally?  Are we so evolved that most of us can handle eating a meal at a table with someone who has a completely different religion?  None of that works over there—they’ll throw you off a roof for being gay.  They’ll keep women from learning how to read a book.  They’ll kill you if you don’t practice their religion.  This is 2017.  How are the worlds so different when they have all the access to education and technology that they have and are using?

Baffles me. 

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