Is it over?

So, we’re nearing the finish line.  The polls say it’s Hillary by double-digits.  I’ve said there’s no way she can lose for two years—so why should I believe things will change?  Is it rigged?  In many ways, of course.  Why do you think the media was so giddy about Donald Trump during the primary season?  Why did he get so much free air-time vs. any of the other candidates?  I mean sure, he got the votes—-but the national media wanted it to be Hillary vs. Trump because that’s what Mrs. Clinton wanted all-along.




I’m not a big-fan of the blame-game.  Donald Trump might lose this election because the national media is in Mrs. Clinton’s pocket.  That said, Mr. Trump has been his own worst-enemy.  He can’t get out of the way and he can’t refuse the bait when it’s dangled in front of him.  He’s just not disciplined enough to do so.  Which is sad because Mrs. Clinton is a disgrace of a candidate on the Democratic side and would have been easily beaten had someone like Rubio or Kasich or Fiorina gotten the nod.  But—the GOP voters spoke loudly and clearly and Trump was/is their guy.

Whatever the case, with 324 million Americans—it’s still mind-boggling that this is the best we can do.  You have an obnoxious pig in the home-stretch against a pathological liar.  We should all be so proud!

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