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After Labor Day….it gets really serious for the Presidential election.  We’re there.  It’s the home-stretch.  Will it be Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump?  We get different indications all the time.  So, let’s go on record and talk about what each of the two must do over the 4th quarter….with the game basically tied and up-for-grabs…..


If I’m Hillary Clinton—it seems I might actually have to try and win this thing.  I’m not saying that Mr. Trump won’t still slip up—-but it does seem as though Mrs. Clinton might have peaked too soon after her Democratic Convention.  She was running a brilliant campaign.  It went something like this…..  “Let Trump be Trump and just hide Hillary.”

It was working.  Trump was in self-destruction mode and Hillary just stood on the sidelines as Trump’s numbers disintegrated. Then, Mr. Trump made a change in who was running his campaign and the light-bulb went off.  He started winning by making the campaign about issues and not about himself.  Panic sets in for Hillary’s camp.

So, what does Mrs. Clinton do?  She hits the campaign trail—-but here’s the problem.  She’s a terrible campaigner.  She is not an electric speaker and she’s got all kinds of issues— the whole coughing thing keeps her health on the front burner.  Then, there’s the seemingly weekly release of new emails and other issues lending more fuel to the fire about her corruption.  In other words, the Clinton-camp has a problem.  They can’t hide her because Trump is doing well by sticking to the script and they can’t put her out there because she’s a liability to her own campaign.  

So…look at September 26th as the biggest date in this campaign.  That’s the night of the first Presidential debate.  If Donald Trump doesn’t take Hillary Clinton’s bait—and he sticks to the gameplan—he might win the Presidency.  Clinton needs for Trump to come off obnoxious and as a bully that night.  Mr. Trump’s demeanor will be critical.  If he doesn’t take the bait and he stays on-script—he’s in great shape.  He has to realize that acting Presidential recently has worked really well. 

It boils down to Mr. Trump’s discipline.  Does he have enough to stay the course?  He has the last few weeks and the numbers have climbed while Mrs. Clinton’s have dipped.  This election is Mr. Trump’s to lose—he has issues on his side and the more Presidential he looks, the more the Clinton campaign will get desperate.



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