New Year—some things change and some do not

2018…..a year into the Donald Trump Presidency.  The economy is humming.  Unemployment numbers…the stock market…new home sales….GDP….all the numbers are going in the right direction.  The media doesn’t care.  They won’t give this POTUS any love or credit.  They’ll worry more about his offensive remarks about Haiti than they will about people seeing rising wages and a better quality of life because of the Republican tax bill’s success.

Let’s face it—some things are not going to change.  Donald Trump hates the media and the media hates Donald Trump.  I’ve been bored with their mutual war for months now but it is—what it is.  I have to ask one important question though—

If things continue to go in the right direction with the economy.  If nothing changes with national security and our shores are kept clean from our enemies—if people see their wages—their own quality of life rise and improve—will the Trump detractors become supporters or is the hatred for this man so intense that nothing he does—no matter how successful he might be—is that hatred so beyond repair that people will not even look in the mirror and accept the truth that he’s a big success?  

I’m never gonna fall in love with this man.  I don’t like a lot of what he says or tweets out.  I do like a lot of his policy.  The way I see it—he is what he is.  A brash guy who hasn’t let the Presidency change the way he acts or treats others.  I don’t have to like a lot of what comes out of his mouth—but, I can’t help but take notice of how well he’s doing getting the government out of the way of the people so we can succeed.  That matters.

The President often gets too much credit or too much blame for everything—but, in the case of Donald Trump—everything that can be his fault will be treated that way by the media and the haters.  Everything he says whether it has anything to it or not will be turned into a comment trying to make him look like he hates women or minorities or someone.  The media never cared when President Obama took vacations or played golf.  Now, they can’t believe how often Trump golfs.  They will find fault no matter what he does—if you haven’t figured that out by now, you won’t figure it out going forward.

One year in, this man is doing what he said he’d do.  It hasn’t been easy—he’s had a lot of obstacles to overcome—even within his own White House.  It’s gotten better and better as he’s understood DC a little more each month.  He’ll never be a smooth DC politician—and that’s not a bad thing.  I’d love to see 95% of his focus on policy and not only 5% on his tweeting—but, if he keeps the market going well and he keeps getting out of the way of American business—while also sending a message of strength to our adversaries—I can live with the nonsense.

I hope year two for our POTUS brings even more success to America.

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