President Donald J. Trump!

So here’s how I see it—our new President is getting after it as he promised he’d do!  That’s awesome.  I have only one criticism to this point—I just want him to get out of his own way.  Do you really think Americans care about how many people watched the inauguration?  Do you really want to focus on voter-fraud?  We care about getting the economy going—about fighting ISIS and having stronger national security.  We care about the things you’re doing— but because the media loves to focus on other stuff—you Mr. President need to stop taking the bait.  

Focus on the job—not on the minutiae. You have so many great ideas and great people surrounding you.  Pick your battles and don’t respond to the noise—we don’t need that from our POTUS.  I’m thrilled the markets are doing well.  I’m thrilled there is optimism.  I’m excited that people are paying attention to what we’re doing.  America first is a great approach—let’s keep it up.  

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