Round one! The lady in red wins.

If I had to pick a phrase for each of the candidates from Debate #1 at Hofstra….
Donald Trump:  Missed Opportunities

Hillary Clinton: Experience–good or bad, it shows


Missed Opportunities—–

There was no knock-out.  The race is still on.  Hillary won the debate though.  Donald Trump had so many chances and openings and blew ‘em.  Cyber security?  What do we do about cyber security?  Seriously?  He had a chance to say something like— “before we worry about foreign countries and terrorists stealing our secrets—-maybe we should worry about the Democratic nominee handing them out.”

The Art of Debate Deflection—–

Obviously, Mr. Trump doesn’t believe in much debate prep.  When someone asks you about a birther question—and you know that 90% of America is SOOOOO past this and doesn’t care— you don’t go on the defense for eight minutes.  Instead, you do some debate prep and get coached to know the question is coming.  Then, you answer it this way.  “Lester, I’ve answered that—and I’m here tonight to talk about our future—not about a President who will be back on the golf course for good after January.”  Then, use the next 1:50 to talk about your agenda.  It’s Debate 101.  But alas, Mr. Trump took the bait and Hillary scored the points.

Hillary Clinton came out prepared for this debate.  She was well-coached and it’s obvious she rehearsed effectively.  Donald Trump on the other hand, looked like he arrogant decided against prepping and taking coaching.  He had so many chances to go to her lack of credibility and he just left it out there on numerous occasions. 




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