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Fran Halloran

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Fran Halloran is husband to wife Suzi, and father to Frank, Maggie, Nate, Riley and Cooper. Fran is a Dave Ramsey Financial Coach who has a passion for getting people to buy into a simple way of living and handling their money based on the idea of living life intentionally. He believes that all things should be done in a fitting and orderly way.
He espouses these ideas on the Fran Halloran show every Thursday from 9-10 AM. When asked to describe what he does, he simply says “I plug people into a very simple financial plan that works (and I don’t have to sell them anything to do it), and I teach people how to get out of debt (especially student loan debt and credit card debt fast!), so they can really begin to live life intentionally.”
Once upon a time, Fran was a high school teacher and football coach. Now, he and his wife Suzi (who is still a high school teacher), own a number of businesses in the midlands area, and spend the better part of their lives taking care of the kids, attending their church, travelling to swim meets, playing the occasional round of golf, and looking for opportunities to help folks live richer and more intentional lives.