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Inside Politics with David Calef

David Calef

David Calef is the host of Inside Politics which airs on Sundays 6-7 pm. David is a Masters level licensed social worker working in mental health . David has worked with a range of clients from homeless to forensic populations. David has studied policies such as medicare, and family medical leave act and the struggles to get them passed from FDR’s new deal to LBJ’s great society etc. David received his undergrad in psychology from University of South Carolina and his Masters in Social Work from University of South Carolina. David received his start in radio on a debate show called “Counterpoint” where he offered the liberal perspective and his co-host the conservative perspective. He then received his own show “Inside Politics with David Calef” and has been the host of the show since then. David hosts a progressive radio show but likes a good debate with those that disagree and finding solutions to issues. David is excited about being on The POINT! David also comes from a union family and believes strongly in the labor movement. David is a eligible bachelor for you ladies out there.