So….now what?

The conventions are over.  The Donald is the face of the Republican Party and Hillary is the face of the Democratic Party.  Now, we have to see which blinks first.  It’s going to be a very knock down, brutal campaign.  Let’s give you a few observations—–


1. Hillary Clinton will lose if she does what all the Republicans did during the primary season–she can’t just try to tear down Trump with Trump’s own words.  That’s not a winning formula.  Ask Cruz, Rubio and Kasich how that strategy turns out…..Mrs. Clinton has to find a way to get her party excited about her policies.  How far will “I’m the first woman” go?  Does America want four more years of an Obama Presidency?  That’s what it boils down to for the Democrats.

2. Donald Trump, to an extent, controls his own destiny.  If the Trump of the GOP Convention speech shows up—he can win on issues.  If the Tweeting Trump is all we get the next few months, he’ll self-destruct.  It’s not a game anymore.  We have nominees and we have VP nominees.  Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be our next President.  Americans are ready to see who can handle the in-your-face of the economy—which is not as strong as Mrs. Clinton or President Obama will tell you.  Americans want our soldiers home—but they don’t want to live in fear daily of terrorists like ISIS.  So, as usual, whichever candidate can give more confidence in the wallet and safety will end up winning.

3. The debates—If Trump can make it about issues, he can win.  He’ll get no help from the media whatsoever.  They hate him more than any candidate in recent history.  They blatantly support Mrs. Clinton.  So, Trump has to win by being himself—but by containing the obnoxious comments.  Can he be disciplined?  Can he stick to the game-plan?  That’s the key…

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