Time is almost up on North Korea

Make no mistake, this is not Donald Trump’s doing.  President Trump—I’m almost sure of, would like nothing to do with this—but, he’s inherited something that former Presidents Clinton, Bush (43) and Obama failed miserably to address. 

North Korea.

Total fail.  All spewed rhetoric about sanctions and talking tough.  All knew that with time and technology advancements, North Korea was edging closer and closer to becoming a legitimate nuclear power.  Now, that time has come and unlike other countries with nuclear weapons, North Korea doesn’t talk about deterrence.   Instead, they talk about putting every imaginable resource they have into their nuclear development program and every dollar toward finding a way to have a weapon that can hurt the United States.

Most weapons and intelligence experts feel that day has arrived.  That’s scary.  Not since the Cuban Missile Crisis have we really had a nuclear threat.  The Soviets and the Americans (See the movie “War Games”) knew that a war was senseless because we could blow each other up 1000 times if it ever went in that direction.  Other powers like India and Pakistan don’t like each other—both have nukes and both know they’d wipe each other out if they launched.  

Deterrence.  It’s worked for a long time. 

I’m not sure North Korea gets the concept or cares about the concept.  I’m no military expert or a talk-show host with all the answers—but the way to deal with this is either with military action or with the help of China.  The only country who can prevent this from turning into a military conflict is China.  They own most of North Korea and can influence the psycho who runs that country.  Nobody else can solve this with diplomacy.  Sending Dennis Rodman over to talk to this nut-job won’t get it done. 

Back to President Trump—let’s make it clear—every President inherits something he didn’t cause—but has to try and deal or fix it.  George W. Bush didn’t create the Taliban or Bin Laden but had to deal in his first year with 9/11.  Barack Obama didn’t create the recession but had to deal with it in his first year.  Donald Trump didn’t create what’s on his plate now—but he must deal with something that has been neglected to this point.  

I don’t want to see military action against North Korea.  I don’t want more blood shed by Americans or innocent thousands of civilians in North Korea who don’t deserve the tyranny of Kim Jung Un.  I don’t think Americans have the stomach for another war—we are still dealing with Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.  Hopefully, the United Nations can wholeheartedly condemn this and show some sign of strength.  Again, diplomacy won’t cut it with a crazy-man.  

These are scary times.  I hope and pray President Trump gets support of the American people.  This isn’t about Democrat or Republican.  It’s about co-existence and what’s right and wrong.  North Korea is no longer a problem waiting to happen.  It’s go-time and some tough decisions have to be made.  Fast.

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