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Kev's Corner


How’d we get here?

      Think about this….less than two months ago, the big debate was about impeachment.  The economy was hitting some historically good numbers.  People wondered who would win in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.  Today?  The world is spinning a little bit off its axis.  I think in my 51 years roaming this Earth—this is the largest global challenge of our life.  I’m still more worried about this from an economic standpoint than I am from a health perspective.  Imagine—just a few weeks ago when the South Carolina primary wrapped up….where we were.  Now, look at where we are.  We are basically self-quarantined. Our kids are being home-schooled because they can’t go to their own classrooms.  Restaurants can’t let you in their doors.  Gyms, movie theaters and even churches and synagogues and mosques are closed to their own congregants.  Goodness, we can’t even go to our houses of…

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If you missed it

Miss the big interview?

We take incredible pride at The POINT in getting the best guests on the air.  The biggest complaint we've had in the past is sometimes, you miss the interview or sometimes, you want to share it with someone else.  Now, you can!  Welcome to "If you Missed It"...

US Senator Tim Scott

US Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) joined Keven Cohen on The Afternoon Drive on February 27th to talk about the President’s visit to South Carolina.  Senator Scott talked about everything from the President’s job performance to his impact on the African American community.  Feel free to share this with anyone you might think is interested in it.

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Democratic Presidential candidate Tom Steyer

Democratic Presidential candidate Tom Steyer joined Keven Cohen on Wednesday February 26th to talk about his ideas and hopes for South Carolina and the United States.  Feel free to share this with others. 

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