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Summer in our Palmetto State….Kev Musings

Lots of controversy surrounding NY Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  She’s brought tremendous energy to young progressives around the country.  She’s a force with a lot of young Democrats.  Her detractors call her names and think she’s an idiot.  She is not an idiot.  She’s very street-smart.  She’s not terribly well-learned on history or economics however and she’s easily exposed.  Why start my musings with comments about her?  AOC has been hugely successful with a formula that’s worked really well for her biggest target—President Donald Trump.  She might despise him but she uses his tactics often—she’s bombastic and energetic and gets away with a lot.  The national media is afraid of her. She’s caught some heat (not from the mainstream media) with the recent comments comparing what we’re doing as a country down on the southern border to concentration camps of Nazi Germany during the Holocaust.  Wow.  Now, I might be hyper-sensitive…

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If you missed it

Miss the big interview?

We take incredible pride at The POINT in getting the best guests on the air.  The biggest complaint we've had in the past is sometimes, you miss the interview or sometimes, you want to share it with someone else.  Now, you can!  Welcome to "If you Missed It"...

US Senator Tim Scott

US Senator Tim Scott R-SC joined Keven Cohen on The POINT on Thursday June 20th to talk about everything from Iran shooting down a US drone to the economy and the 2020 election cycle.  Give this a listen and feel free to share it with anyone else that’s interested.

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11th Circuit Solicitor Rick Hubbard

In one of the most emotionally-charged tragedies we’ve ever experienced in The Midlands, a Lexington man was convicted of the murder of his five beautiful children. Our 11th Circuit Solicitor Rick Hubbard prosecuted Timothy Jones in this highly-publicized case. In his first radio interview since the case ended, Mr. Hubbard sat down for an extended visit with Keven Cohen on June 17th. Mr. Hubbard explained the entire timeline of the case and how he prepared for it.  He told us about his approach to the case, the jury and the evidence.  Feel free to share this with anyone interested.

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