Mornings with Kev and Brian

Mornings with Kev and Brian!

Start your weekdays with Keven Cohen and Brian Leonard.  The two have been close friends for 15 years.  When Kev decided to launch The POINT, Brian was one of his first calls.  Immediately, the two were re-united.  They've been co-hosting ever since.

Keven Cohen has been doing talk-radio for 32 years.  29 of those in Columbia.  He came to The Midlands in 1994 after starting his broadcast career in Gainesville, Florida.  After 19 years working in corporate radio, he started The POINT on October 28, 2013 and set out to do LOCAL talk-radio!

Kev is committed to our community.  He's heavily involved in promoting charities and promoting local events.  Kev is married to his best friend and hero - Laney.  The Cohen family includes two amazing children - daughter Hayden (19) and son Jacob (17)  Email Keven at [email protected].

Brian Leonard was born in the small town of Darlington, South Carolina.  The youngest of three boys, it was natural for him to feel the need to be heard.  After high school, Brian went to an HBCU in Sumter South Carolina, Morris College, where he majored in Broadcast Media.

After college, Brian immediately started working in radio where he fell in love with producing.  He's been behind the board ever since pulling double-duty.  In addition to partnering with Kev on The POINT, he's also a professional "voice" talent who has done audio books and national commercials.  When he's not working, he's a big fan of nature and hiking.  You'll hear his work on audio books, commercials and character work.  The world of audio in all its forms consumes him.

Brian and Kev
Brian and Kev