The Afternoon Drive with Keven Cohen

Keven Cohen has been doing talk-radio for 32 years.  29 of those in Columbia.  He came to The Midlands in 1994 after starting his broadcast career in Gainesville, Florida.  After 19 years working in corporate radio, he started The POINT on October 28, 2013 and set out to do LOCAL talk-radio!

Kev is committed to our community.  He's heavily involved in promoting charities and promoting local events.  Kev is married to his best friend and hero---Laney.  The Cohen family includes two amazing children--- daughter Hayden (19) and son Jacob (17)  Email Keven at [email protected].

When listening to The Afternoon Drive with Kev, you'll hear a focus on LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL first.  Make no mistake, we get after it good with the mess in DC on both sides of the aisle---but, we always check the boxes on local topics.  It's not always as sexy as what's in DC---but it matters a lot to your wallet and your family.

We also do VFT (Very Fun Thursday)---which started in March of 2020 as Virus Free Thursday.  It is every Thursday from 4pm-6pm where we talked about all things NOT political.  NOT associated with Coronavirus.  Not issues-based.  Instead, it's all about pop-culture, story-telling and stress-free radio.

Every Friday---it's OPEN LINES Friday.  This is a great way for our listener to co-host the program by picking a topic that he/she wants the rest of The Midlands of South Carolina to discuss.

Our program is very unique.  I don't use a call screener.  Instead, we take the calls as they come.  This way, there's no way of knowing if the caller is a liberal or a conservative or something in between.  There's no way of picking and choosing which so many hosts like to do.  Everyone is welcome at our table from all political and ideological worlds.

Keven Cohen
Keven Cohen