Summer in our Palmetto State….Kev Musings

Lots of controversy surrounding NY Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  She's brought tremendous energy to young progressives around the country.  She's a force with a lot of young Democrats.  Her detractors call her names and think she's an idiot.  She is not an idiot.  She's very street-smart.  She's not terribly well-learned on history or economics however and she's easily exposed.  Why start my musings with comments about her?  AOC has been hugely successful with a formula that's worked really well for her biggest target---President Donald Trump.  She might despise him but she uses his tactics often---she's bombastic and energetic and gets away with a lot.  The national media is afraid of her. She's caught some heat (not from the mainstream media) with the recent comments comparing what we're doing as a country down on the southern border to concentration camps of Nazi Germany during the Holocaust.  Wow.  Now, I might be hyper-sensitive to the issue because I'm Jewish---or because I know so many families who lost loved ones in those actual concentration camps.  I won't spend too much copy here---because she's not worth it---but just remember a couple of things--- six million dead and first-tortured Jews would have done anything to GET OUT of those camps.  Every illegal immigrant being detained at our southern border goes through their greatest danger traveling and choosing to GET IN to the United States.  Maybe Congresswoman AOC needs to visit the National Holocaust Museum in our nation's capital.  If she hasn't been there yet--I'd be happy to pay her admission cost.  She might see the horrors of what a concentration camp really was.  Don't insult the millions who died by comparing America's Southern border to the closest thing to hell a genocidal maniac ever created.

Is it football season yet? Asking for a friend....

A two-year-old in Greenville shot himself dead after apparently finding a gun in a house.  Let me say that again....a toddler killed himself with a gun in Greenville because someone (an adult) didn't secure a firearm.  This is 100% avoidable and is absolutely absurd.  This should NEVER EVER happen.  There is no time ever that a gun should be left unsecured when there are young children around.  It's not a gray area.  It's inexcusable.  At the time I'm writing this, there are not many details about the circumstances.  Doesn't matter.  NOTHING anyone can say will change my mind.  The adult who didn't secure this gun around this baby boy might be a wonderful person...but he/she is 100% at fault for having a child and an unsecured gun in the same area.  Responsible gun ownership starts with understanding what type of damage that firearm can do in the wrong hands.  Please lock up your guns---you don't get second chances when tragedies like this happen.  What a waste.