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NY Post Editorial…..Iran victory quite shallow—absolutely right!

Obama’s political win on the Iran deal is a hollow victory

By enlisting Barbara Mikulski as the 34th Senate vote for his disastrous nuclear deal with Iran, enough to sustain his veto of a resolution of disapproval, President Obama has scored a political victory — but a hollow one.

That’s because his agreement, the most important foreign-policy measure in decades, will take effect with the support of only a third of Congress — and a similar minority of the American people.

The president won’t win approval of his odious deal; a majority of Congress remains firmly opposed. He’s simply manipulated the process by demonizing his opponents as warmongers.

Yes, Obama’s rallied enough Democrats to back him in a show of blind partisan loyalty. But his “supporters” all stress their serious misgivings on the deal.

It’s an agreement about which no one — save Obama, John Kerry and the rulers in Tehran — is enthusiastic.

All the more reason why Congress still must debate the deal and hold a vote.

Obama’s closing in on the 41 Senate votes that could prevent a vote or even a public debate. Worse, Majority Leader Mitch Mc­Connell appears disinclined to go “nuclear” and force Democrats to actually filibuster. That would be not just another show of Republican weakness, but a betrayal of the American people.

Obama may leave office with a “win” on his signature foreign-policy goal, but his successors will have to deal with the dangerous consequences long after he’s gone.

As House Speaker John Boehner noted, getting just enough Democrats to help him put over a bad deal, over the objections of a solid majority of Americans, is no victory.

If Democrats insist on this charade on the American people, Republicans have a duty to force them to debate the issue — and put themselves squarely on record.

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