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Time is almost up on North Korea

Make no mistake, this is not Donald Trump’s doing.  President Trump—I’m almost sure of, would like nothing to do with this—but, he’s inherited something that former Presidents Clinton, Bush (43) and Obama failed miserably to address.  North Korea. Total fail.  All spewed rhetoric about sanctions and talking tough.  All knew that with time and technology… Read more »

How does this happen in 2017?

          I think about the world we live in here in Columbia, South Carolina.  I think about the technologies we have—about the comforts we live in.  I know we have it pretty good.  Then, I think about what the terrorists are doing on the other side of the world. It’s really… Read more »

Governor does the right thing

When our South Carolina General Assembly convened in early January, they were given one responsibility; fix the roads.  So…..they’ve done that!  Yeah!  Rah Rah!  Good job!  Well, not-so-much.  The bill is not good—the tax….or, should we say, the fees involved are not good.  Add to that the absolute fact that the reform this bill claims… Read more »

Two Presidents?

 This will come as no surprise to you— some people LOVE President Donald J. Trump.  Some people HATE President Donald J. Trump.  Some people still cannot believe that he’s the POTUS.  Many are having a hard time adjusting to this Presidency.         I’ve come to an interesting conclusion about President Trump.  Instead of… Read more »

President Donald J. Trump!

So here’s how I see it—our new President is getting after it as he promised he’d do!  That’s awesome.  I have only one criticism to this point—I just want him to get out of his own way.  Do you really think Americans care about how many people watched the inauguration?  Do you really want to… Read more »

Is it over?

So, we’re nearing the finish line.  The polls say it’s Hillary by double-digits.  I’ve said there’s no way she can lose for two years—so why should I believe things will change?  Is it rigged?  In many ways, of course.  Why do you think the media was so giddy about Donald Trump during the primary season?… Read more »

Round one! The lady in red wins.

If I had to pick a phrase for each of the candidates from Debate #1 at Hofstra…. Donald Trump:  Missed Opportunities Hillary Clinton: Experience–good or bad, it shows   Missed Opportunities—– There was no knock-out.  The race is still on.  Hillary won the debate though.  Donald Trump had so many chances and openings and blew… Read more »

Kev’s musings—-

After Labor Day….it gets really serious for the Presidential election.  We’re there.  It’s the home-stretch.  Will it be Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump?  We get different indications all the time.  So, let’s go on record and talk about what each of the two must do over the 4th quarter….with the game basically tied and up-for-grabs…….. Read more »

So….now what?

The conventions are over.  The Donald is the face of the Republican Party and Hillary is the face of the Democratic Party.  Now, we have to see which blinks first.  It’s going to be a very knock down, brutal campaign.  Let’s give you a few observations—–   1. Hillary Clinton will lose if she does… Read more »