Virus, protests and oh yeah, a Presidential election year.

Virus, protests and oh yeah, a Presidential election year.

So, 2020 has been one for the ages. We’ve had the Coronavirus. We’ve had peaceful protests and even riots on our own streets in Columbia, South Carolina. We’ve had dust-storms and lost Kobe. It’s been a challenging year thus far. We’re also looking at a Presidential Election in November with President Donald J. Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

So, I’m not Miss Cleo. I don’t have a crystal ball. I can’t predict outcomes in November. What I do have is some common sense. I voted for President Trump in 2016 and I plan to vote for him again in 2020. As of today, the polls say he’s in serious trouble. He’s demoted his campaign manager and it doesn’t look great. Of course, if we went by the polls in 2016, we’d have President Hillary. The polls do not decide the POTUS. That said, things have changed and are not good for Mr. Trump.

  • He was planning on running on the economy and it was the right plan because the economy was humming. That’s no longer the case. Not his fault—but still, not something he can brag about right now.
  • Coronavirus—it came from Wuhan, China and Mr. Trump or Ms. Pelosi or Senator McConnell had nothing to do with it. It’s still Trump’s issue. America blames the President when things go wrong.
  • Black Lives Matter—Trump was never a racist until he became the Republican nominee for President. Now, he’s a racist and so are his supporters.

As I said, I can’t predict who wins in November. Here’s what I can predict though…

  • If Biden wins, you will see tons and tons of elected Republicans across America distance themselves as fast as possible from Donald Trump and jump off the bandwagon. They’ll all call for a Republican reset.
  • “The Swamp” will be very loud about how Trump was a one-term, one-timer and that America has to learn from its mistake.

Make no mistake, Joe Biden will not win in November. Either Donald Trump will win again or Donald Trump will lose the election. Nobody is voting for Joe Biden. Nobody! This election is Trump vs. Trump. Everyone will either vote for four more years or vote Trump out. It has NOTHING to do with Biden. It’s a massive referendum on Mr. Trump. Period.

So, buckle on up. 2020 is like no other. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring us. Hopefully it’ll be a safer 2nd half of the year. Hopefully we can safely go to the polls in November and hopefully, no matter what you think of this President—the economy can bounce back so small business owners and Americans across the country can do just a little bit better.

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