5 things every homeowner should inspect at the end of summer

5 things every homeowner should inspect at the end of summer

By Ryan Parsons

Lets face it, our homes are in a constant battle with the elements. The midlands’ weather throws all sorts of attacks on the exterior of our biggest investment, and the extreme heat and humidity places our heating and air systems under heavy strain. As we look towards a change in season, there are a few important things you can and should do to make sure your home isn’t vulnerable.

1. Check your roof, gutters, and drainage. Clear all leaves, pine straw, and other debris from the roof and gutters. Pay close attention to any low-slope areas, or where two roof lines meet. Look for exposed nail heads, torn or missing shingles, and worn pipe boots. Gutters should be cleaned, and rinsed thoroughly to ensure that downspouts are flowing properly. Small repairs now will prevent interior damage later.

2. Trim trees and bushes away from the house. Keeping your landscaping pruned will allow your home’s exterior to dry after heavy rains, and will prevent tree limbs from rubbing against painted surfaces and shingle roofs.

3. Have your HVAC unit inspected and serviced. A summer’s worth of heavy use, combined with the dirt and debris stirred up during lawn care can reduce your air conditioner’s efficiency. If you don’t have a service agreement with a reputable HVAC company, consider hiring one that will service the unit twice a year at regular intervals to get the maximum life and efficiency out of your expensive equipment.

4. Inspect your crawlspace and install a basic humidity monitor. Wireless monitors can and should be placed in the crawlspace or other unconditioned spaces to make you aware of any issues with drainage, standing water, or heavy moisture build-up.

5. Inspect and replace outdoor light bulbs and fixtures. With the days getting shorter, you’ll soon need your outdoor flood, porch, and landscape lights to keep your home’s exterior safe a secure. Consider upgrading to LED fixtures that have both a dusk-to-dawn setting as well as a motion sensor.

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