Bent—not broken.

Bent—not broken.

        The most-recent poll we did here at was about the political climate in Washington D.C.  What generated the poll was what happened with the whole Judge Brett Kavanaugh hearings.  In the 29 years I’ve been in talk-radio (24 in Columbia), I’ve never seen a level of ugliness like I saw with what was done to that man.  Make no mistake, I’m under no illusion that only the Democrats or only the Republicans are capable of this level of hate—no, I’m not giving anyone a pass.  This time, it was the Democrats that tried to destroy someone’s life.  Both sides have proven they’re capable of being ugly.

        I think the protests going on out there are like nothing we’ve seen before…and for what?  What are they protesting?  This isn’t like the 60s and a protest for civil rights.  That was an obvious and necessary cause.  What is it for this time?  What are we protesting?  They hate the President.  I mean, they absolutely cannot deal with this man as the leader of the free world.  I find it humorous to see how the name Donald J. Trump drives some people to wanna pull their hair out and scream at the top of their lungs.  This whole “Trump Derangement Syndrome”….I don’t know why some people allow the POTUS get under their skin so much. 

        When Mr. Trump became President Trump—-I had callers on my program promising that we’d be at war within 6 months.  They promised the economy would be in tatters within 9 months.  They promised that no country would want to do business with America.  Well, coming up on two years since Mr. Trump was elected and last time I checked, the economy is booming—we have great national security—and even countries that Mr. Trump has been hard on like Mexico and Canada have come back and made new economic deals.  You can despise him all you want but you can’t argue with the results.  These are not theories—I speak in facts.

     Now, it’s not all bad.  This country isn’t hopeless.  Think about it…are things that bad?  I mean, c’mon—everyone has his/her own circumstances—but is life all that whacky?  Not really. We have great opportunities in this country.  It’s never been more level in terms of people getting an education.  We’re at war against terrorists—but, for the most part, we have day-to-day national security with no threats of nuclear war or invasion.  Think about a generation ago—- From say, 1963 all the way through 1980….this country had nothing to feel good about except one brief moment in 1969 when we landed on the moon.  Otherwise, we had President JFK assassinated.  We had Vietnam.  We had Bobby Kennedy and then Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated. We had Watergate and a President forced to resign.  We had gas shortages and the “malaise” of Jimmy Carter’s four year Presidency.   That was a bad stretch.  Now?   Not so bad. 

     So, maybe our society is bent a little…but, it’s not broken.  Not even close.  People just need to take a deep breath and chill.  99.9% of us never wake up with hate on our minds.  We don’t wake up thinking we’re better than someone else because of skin color, religion or gender.  I don’t look at someone I know who is of a different political ideology and have evil thoughts toward that person.  I didn’t agree with most of what happened the during eight years of the Obama Presidency.  But as I tell all the Trump-haters out there, just relax.  The pendulum shifts back and forth.  Right now, the Republicans control things—but that will change and the other side will get a turn.  You might not like it—but, it’s part of what makes American amazing.  


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