It’s the most wonderful time….of the year!

It’s the most wonderful time….of the year!

       No, I’m not signing holiday songs right now.  I’m thinking politics.  I love this time of the year for South Carolina.  I love having two-dozen Democratic Presidential hopefuls passing through the Palmetto State spreading their message for the 2020 campaign.  See, doesn’t matter how you look at things politically—this is great for the people and the economy of South Carolina.  It’s wonderful every time a candidate comes through.  We get the opportunity to learn more about his/her candidacy.  We get to find out specifics on positions the candidate has taken.  Economically, they spend money here—at our restaurants and our hotels.  With media buys and with an entourage passing through.  It’s a great win for our state.  Of course, the best part is that it makes South Carolina and our people very relevant in the political process for 2020.

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       Most of our listeners know that we preach diversity on The POINT.  We are very interested in all of the candidates and we’ve invited all of them on The Afternoon Drive.   So far, five of the candidates have been on.  Hoping they all recognize that The POINT is the only station in Columbia that really wants to hear from both sides on all the issues—-and that we’re the only station doing local talk in the morning, the afternoon and the evening.  You can get what you want from the national shows—but, nothing is better than having these candidates visit with you to talk about things that will impact The Midlands and South Carolina as a whole.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—and 2020 is gonna be an exciting time for politics.  Whether you love or hate the guy in The White House, he makes talk radio very interesting and the slew of Democratic challengers for 2020 will make it that much better. 

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