I don’t know anyone too happy knowing that a chunk of our monthly power bill is going literally into a hole that seems bottomless. We have our General Assembly, Westinghouse, SCANA, Santee Cooper and I’m sure plenty of others for this. It really frustrates me. I know it doesn’t make you very happy either.

So, what can we do? Well, our General Assembly seems to think it can bully SCANA and Dominion into getting that 50 year hostage crisis eliminated. Not sure what they can or can’t do—but I can tell you this much. That General Assembly better not scare off the ONLY offer we have so far for SCANA. I don’t think the Dominion deal is perfect. Even Dominion knows it’s far from perfect… but goodness, it’s a heckuva lot better than the status quo.

I want that rebate of around $1000. I like that it’s a check for me to spend or save as I choose. Not a credit to my electric bill—but actual money sent to me as a rate payer. I like a rate freeze and I like knowing that pathetic hole I referred to earlier shrinks with this deal to 20 years vs. 50 years.

Here’s the thing…..I don’t like that the General Assembly is even involve in a deal between two major companies in the private sector. I can at least accept that our government is involved since we’re not talking about one of many utility choices for the rate payer. We have no choice heree. None. It’s SCE&G for me or candles and a hamster on a wheel if I want power.

If another company comes along with a better offer than Dominion—that’d be fine with me. For now, I’m far more interested in supporting the Dominion offer than I am in letting the General Assembly try to force SCANA into bankruptcy.

Is it football season yet?

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