Welcome our new morning co-host Kasie Whitener!

Welcome our new morning co-host Kasie Whitener!

        We are so happy to welcome Dr. Kasie Whitener on a permanent basis as the new co-host for The POINT's Morning Program.             

The new show will be called "Mornings with Kasie and Kev!"  Kasie has been with The POINT for years hosting our Saturday morning 

program, "Write On, SC".  She's filled in for Keven on both the morning and afternoon program at times.  

   So what can you expect from the new program?  I have no idea.  I know that whenever Kasie is around, she's the smartest person in the room.  She's brilliant and

quick and witty and hilarious.  We'll continue to provide news, traffic, weather and sports.  We'll also have our features like "Today in History" and the "National Day

Calendar".  We'll still talk about food a lot because I can't do radio without talking about food.  Kasie is a big Clemson fanatic and I'm in the corner of Carolina...so, that

will likely make it pretty fun during football season.  We'll still take calls and do our best to make it about you.  Feel free to call in and welcome Kasie! You're gonna love her.

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