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So….the South Carolina General Assembly still can’t get roads done. That’s remarkable. They’ve had time to debate about LGBT controversy….time to vote down medical marijuana—-but still, no time to get together on roads. Just pathetic.medical+marijuana19

Lots of people complaining that Dabo Swinney is getting too much with his new contract at Clemson.  Why?  He’s worth every penny. He’s a great coach—-and Clemson football brings in millions and millions of dollars to the university—PLUS—it pays for all the Olympic sports.  Clemson’s football success also increases the donations to the school and the number of applicants to the university.  


I’m not sure how fair or unfair the GOP is being to Donald Trump—-but the campaign, despite its massive success is not well-organized.  You know when Trump’s own children forget to register in NY to vote, that someone doesn’t have the eye on the ball.  At least they haven’t been arguing about Ted Cruz’s wife.


I still haven’t seen Batman v. Superman.  Stupid concept for a movie.



The mess with The Attorney General vs. his former prosecutor is ugly.  Alan Wilson vs. David Pascoe is very personal and very ugly. Not sure what the SC Supreme Court will decide or who will come out—-but so far, nobody wins with this.  Here’s the key—if there is serious corruption going on in our General Assembly—and it wouldn’t shock me if that is the case……then let’s get after it and let’s go after the elected officials who are violating our trust.




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