2023 is gonna be a lot of fun!

2023 is gonna be a lot of fun!

Well, midterms are over and now, we start to look at the 2024 Elections.  We know that former President Donald Trump is in the game to win.  Some would say for better….some would say for worse.  I’ve never hidden my opinion.  I was a big fan of Trump’s Presidency.  I’m very much against him running again.  As I’ve noted time and time again, 81 million people did NOT vote for Joe Biden.  They voted against Donald Trump. 

Is Trump an asset or a liability to the Republican party going forward?  I think Trump hasn’t proven he is in it for the party.  His candidates took a beating in midterms. Only time will tell if influential members of the Republican party will have the political courage to go against Trump.  Many that have, have paid the price.  It’s time for some new blood and the Republican bench is very deep with some very talented potential candidates for 2024.

South Carolina will start to see visits from some of these potential candidates.  This is why I love Presidential cycles.  South Carolina gets to be a player.  On the Democratic side, remember, were it not for Congressman James Clyburn, Joe Biden wouldn’t be the President.  He likely wouldn’t have been the nominee.  South Carolina is a player in the game.

Can you imagine how exciting it would be if Trump and Biden both backed out for 2024 and a fresh batch of candidates on both sides of the aisle came to the Palmetto State on a regular basis?  Unfortunately, both of these soon-to-be octogenarians want the job in 2024.  Does America still want them? 

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