I’m no political consultant…..but…..

I’m no political consultant…..but…..

So, I’m certainly not an expert on how to run a political campaign—but, I knew a thing or two about the game of politics.  I’ve been covering elections and interviewing candidates for many years.  I’ve learned a few things—the hardest thing is to expect the unexpected and to realize that some people can sink to depths you didn’t know were imaginable.  So…here is some of what you can expect in the political season which is almost upon us.

Let’s face it…the 2022 Midterm Elections are going to be interesting nationally—not expecting too many fireworks locally—a few statewide—but nationally, a lot of chips are on the table for control of the US House and the US Senate. 

In South Carolina, US House District 1 is always fun—going back a few years, former Congressman and Governor Mark Sanford decided he didn’t have to campaign or spend money and he lost a primary to Katie Arrington.  Then, Arrington lost to Democrat Joe Cunningham….and then, Nancy Mace came along and knocked off Joe Cunningham in the General Election in 2020.  Now, Mace–the incumbent gets a challenge from Arrington.   Congresswoman Mace has made some national news for her feuds with “The Squad” and for making former President Donald Trump angry….so now, Trump is looking to endorse Arrington in a primary.  Meanwhile, former SC Governor and US Ambassador Nikki Haley is endorsing Mace.  This will be interesting.  Waiting in the wings will be Democrat Dr. Annie Andrews—a pediatrician who has done a good job fundraising while hoping the Mace vs. Arrington primary is a bloodbath so the winner is hurting for $$$$.

What is interesting to me is the Trump endorsement for Arrington.  No surprise—he called for Mace to get a primary challenge.  Again, the interesting thing here is Trump’s popularity in South Carolina is still very high.  But—the former Governor Nikki Haley also polls well in her home state and she’s taken the side of Mace.  This will be interesting.  Haley is still trying to figure out her immediate political future.  She’s young enough to wait on the sidelines—but has to find something other than tweeting and doing radio and TV interviews to keep her relevant.  She wants to run for President—but if Trump runs, that eliminates many if not most viable Republicans from running.

Governor Henry McMaster is on the ballot.  He won’t get a primary challenge from the upstate wanna-be politician John Warren.  He will coast into the General Election with a lot of money and with Trump’s blessings.  The two met at the beginning of February in Florida.  The previously-mentioned Cunningham will battle in a Democratic primary with SC State Senator Mia McLeod.  The State primary is in June.

Senator Tim Scott is not expected to get much of a challenge…with him, most people are waiting to see what his thoughts are for 2024?  Would he consider running for President if Donald Trump doesn’t run?  Would he be looked at as a potential VP?  He’s one of the most reluctant politicians I’ve ever known….but, he does believe if it’s a calling, he’d consider it.  He won’t get the type of challenge Lindsey Graham got from Jaime Harrison.  We’ll see how much money and effort the Democratic party puts up for Krystle Matthews.  Don’t expect it to be much.  Scott has millions in his coffers and nobody considers this race much of a challenge….including state and national Democrats.

I think the biggest races we’ll see this Fall will be the Governor’s race and either Mace or Arrington vs. Andrews in SC-1.  That might not be exciting in The Midlands but the Low Country is gonna be wild.

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