Fall in The Midlands…

Fall in The Midlands…

I don’t think the song fits—but for me, “it’s the most, wonderful time….of the year.”!  I love the Fall….the leaves changing colors, temperatures dropping and we put away the “Famously Hot” label for a little while in Columbia.  I love football season even if it’s not a banner year for Carolina or Clemson in 2021.

Here’s the thing…the happiest people in America right now should be the Democratic Party.  Why?  Not because of the performance out of The White House which has been abysmal since President Joe Biden took over.  Not because VP Kamala Harris is a giggling disaster.  Not because of the horrible inflation, the Southern border crisis, the supply-chain debacle or because people refuse to go back to work.  No, the Dems should be thrilled because this is 2021 and not 2022.  If this was Fall in 2022, the wave of RED in the US House and Senate would be massive.  I’m not Miss Cleo—I don’t have a crystal ball and a lot can change between now and the Midterms in 2022—-but if those elections were held today, it would be flat-out U-G-L-Y.

Biden’s Presidency has been a colossal dumpster fire.  Afghanistan was/is literally one of America’s worst historical military moments EVER.  What should be a booming economy is held back because people are finding gas prices and grocery shopping a shock to their wallets.  That’s when you can even find things on the shelves at the grocery store—I went out for a burger and fries yesterday at a fast food joint in Five Points.  They didn’t have mustard or straws for your drinks.  When I asked why—it was supply chain issues.  No truckers to bring supplies.  Imagine that?

Can this White House turn things around?  I’m not sure.  I don’t have any confidence in President Biden–he’s a puppet who can’t even take questions correctly in a news conference and can’t stay awake when cameras are watching him at a climate control summit.  Then again, I’m not sure I could stay awake during that kind of dribble either.

I think the Democrats can talk a good game but they like what’s going on.  They want gas prices to skyrocket.  They want you to get mad at gas prices so much that you turn to electric cars as your solution.  I think they want people to stay home so they can continue to forcefully drive up wages and thus destroy even more small business owners after all the damage they did to small businesses during the last 18 months of the pandemic.  This will get more people to need the government and while it sounds like a Republican bullet point, it’s not; they want to grow government and get more people excited about socialism.  Gross.

I’ll close with this…there is always light at the end of the tunnel.  To those who think this is the beginning of the end for America…it’s not.  We are the greatest nation in the history of the world.  We are the most resilient country and the most ingenuity-filled nation ever.  The pendulum will swing back the other way.  It’s already started with the results in Virginia’s Governor’s race—a blue state voting for a Republican.  America thought it wouldn’t get through the 60s with JFK and MLK’s assignation. We had Vietnam and horrid civil rights.  Then we moved into the 70s with Watergate and Jimmy Carter’s gas shortages and malaise.  We got out of that with a very positive President named Reagan.  I’m not sure there’s another Reagan coming along anytime soon—but, 2024 should show some very talented people who want to lead this country.  My hope is that it’s someone fresh and new and not former President Trump.  He’ll certainly have a role as a King-maker—but the formula for winning is what happened in Virginia.  Keep Trump at arm’s length…but don’t turn off his wildly supportive voters.

In the meantime—enjoy Thanksgiving.  If you can afford a turkey. 

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