Kev’s Summer Musings….

Kev’s Summer Musings….

Happy Summer from Columbia, South Carolina!  You know what drives me a little nutty (and that’s a short drive anyway), when you live in South Carolina and you know it’s gonna be really really hot here in the summer and I see 20 people every day take a picture of the temperature in the car and post it on social media.  Really people?  Our city has the nickname of “Famously Hot” for a reason.  So, Joe Biden, our President is well into his first term now—and well, can’t say I’m too pleased.  I was hoping he’d stand up to the far-left progressive side of the aisle a little more than he has—but, he’s been every bit the puppet we feared he’d be.  While I do miss the policy of President Donald Trump, I don’t miss the tweeting or the obnoxious behavior.  I think Trump was a good POTUS.  I voted for him in 2020 because I liked the direction of our country.  Now, with the Democrats controlling the House, the Senate and the White House, it’s tough for a guy who is fiscally conservative to deal with the bloated spending.  Fact is, I don’t think the GOP was doing a very good job of handling the American taxpayer’s dollars very well.  The Dems, well, they’ve gone off the rail altogether.   2022’s elections are gonna be mighty interesting.  I have to wonder if the Republicans can grab control of the House.  If they do, things will change obviously.  It’s gonna be close.  Even though I’m obviously a conservative, I do like some balance instead of having one party control everything.  Our new poll question is about whether or not Donald Trump should run again in 2024 for President.  Personally, I don’t want him to run.  I’d like to see him play Kingmaker and try to help Republicans in Congress and help a candidate defeat VP Kamala Harris in 2024.  (No, I don’t expect Biden will be on the ticket in 2024.)  Who will run from South Carolina?  Will Nikki Haley run?  If Trump doesn’t run—she’s in the field for sure.  What about Tim Scott?  Will he run?  I don’t know if he wants to get that deep into politics.  He doesn’t love what he’s doing now in the US Senate.

Looking ahead to the Fall–-excited about a full house for USC and Clemson football.  That’ll give us another sense of some normalcy returning.  Hope the fans will turn out.  Things changed a lot during 2020.  College football wasn’t exactly packing it in before the virus.  Let’s face it, when you can watch a game at home in the air conditioning during September and October on a 80 inch high-def screen without dealing with traffic or parking or stress—no cost for the ticket…refreshments in the fridge and no lines at the bathroom.  It’s a tough sell when Clemson is beating someone by 70 points and it’s over after 15 minutes.  Still, it’ll be nice to see people tailgating and enjoying themselves.  Excited for Coach Shane Beamer’s to patrol the sidelines at Williams-Brice.  He’s a good dude.  Hopefully, he can make it happen.

Finally—Ever notice when you’re all stuffed up…and you go ahead and blow your nose—how special that very first deep breath you take is when the path is cleared?  WOW.  Great feeling.  Enjoy your summer—be kind to each other no matter what you think politically, about vaccines etc….just be nice.  Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting 100.7 FM/1470 AM—THE POINT!


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