The first 100 days…

The first 100 days…

       Well, it doesn’t take a genius for what I said when President Joe Biden took over to come true… If it goes well, the media will fawn.  When it doesn’t go well, our President and of course, the media will blame the previous administration.  In case you’re new around here, let me make a few things clear— 1) I think Donald Trump had a good Presidency going and on his policy, I was a big fan.  2) I was never a fan of President Trump—the person.  Never a big fan of the obnoxious Tweeting or lowering himself to the level of his detractors.  3) I don’t think the election was stolen.  I’m no fan of the mail-in voting—but, Trump has only himself and his team to blame for losing last year’s election.

Back to the now—-President Biden came in wanting to preach unity.  A week later, the face of the Democratic party endorses diving America again by endorsing the impeachment.  That’s not bringing people together—it’s pandering to the base.  It’s showing an inability to control Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.  What has our new President done since he’s taken over?  He’s watch gas prices go skyrocketing because he’s tried to kill pipelines while signaling to the Middle East that he’s not interested in an independent America on oil production.  He’s also shown he plans to get back in bed with Iran the same way President Barack Obama was.

        I try to be fair.  I really do.  President Biden is my President.  I’m not a host who reads bullet points for the Republican party.  I am a conservative but our station and our local shows are all about our callers being the star—not our hosts.   We strive to be diverse and want everyone to have a seat at the table.  If you want to call in on The Afternoon Drive with Kev— I would love to hear from you any afternoon between 4pm-6pm.  Our studio number is 803-799-8255 (TALK).


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