So, the vaccine is here…

So, the vaccine is here…

It was supposed to take 5 years.  It didn’t.  President Donald J. Trump promised Operation Warp-Speed would arrive before the end of 2020 and he was right. His opponents, President-Elect Joe Biden and VP Elect Kamala Harris called him a liar and blamed thousands of deaths on him.  The national media made it their absolute agenda to scoff at Trump.  The Democrats and the media even said not to take any vaccine coming out while Trump was in office.    Pfizer and Moderna purposely held back the good news because that would have helped Trump and this President is anti-big Pharma.  It shouldn’t be that hard for any of us to believe the agenda that was in place between the national media and the Biden team.  Biden knew the vaccine was coming.  

       So now, it’s here.  Operation Warp-Speed might be one of the greatest pieces of American ingenuity in modern history.  It might be the biggest thing this country has managed to get done since we walked on the Moon.  So, what will happen next?  What will society do about this vaccine? Will it be similar to what we’ve seen with masks?  

With masks, it’s become your “social responsibility” to wear one whenever you go out anywhere.  Make no mistake, I wear my mask and I’m 100% fine doing so when I’m out at a grocery store or in any public setting with other people.  This is not me showing any negativity toward the mask—but a mask is not a vaccine.  What’s gonna happen when our new President pushes for the vaccine to be a “social responsibility”?  They can’t force you to get the shot.  That’s obvious—but will we start to see some communities around the country go with a NO ENTRY WITHOUT PROOF OF VACCINE mandate? It wouldn’t surprise me if places like New York or California put this in place—YOU CANNOT ENTER THIS RESTAURANT OR STORE WITHOUT PROOF OF VACCINE.

Will this happen?  Does it sound like a conspiracy theory?  I hope not.  I despise that type  of talk-show host.  I really believe this could be our path—time will tell.


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