Don’t mess with this storm

Don’t mess with this storm

There are so many people—so many folks who look at these storms as they’re approaching and make jokes.  If you’ve ever been through a real hurricane—I mean, one where you just can’t recognize and compare the before/after pictures—then, you wouldn’t be making jokes about what might or might not be coming our way.

I don’t mess with Mother Nature.  When she’s angry—it’s just best to respect her.

Please—if you’re told to evacuate—then do so.  Get your supplies.  I’m not gonna sit here and lecture you about flash lights and milk and bread and water.  Just get what you need.

Here’s what I will try to remind you about… Mrs. Jones up the street!  Remember your neighbors.  I’m talking about the elderly or the handicapped.  Please remember to check on those folks if this gets ugly.  Make sure those who need assistance have water and power and whatever else for survival they might need.  Check on the neighbor today to make sure he/she has prescriptions already filled.

Help out!

If you lose power, we’ll be on the radio with generators keeping us going.  We’ve tried to plan ahead.  You should also.

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