Why I love the Fall….

Why I love the Fall….

Fall in South Carolina is magical!  I love it.  It means football—it means the leaves changing colors and falling.  It means the State Fair.  It means cooler temperatures but not cold temps.  I love the Fall. 

Football season is here— Carolina and Clemson will have big years.  The Gamecocks will continue to ascend under the leadership of Will Muschamp.  For all those nay-sayers who were disgusted when USC AD Ray Tanner had to “settle” for Muschamp— how do you like him now?  His 2nd turn at being a head coach shows how much you can learn from your mistakes and failures in life.  We now have two fairly young, charismatic and energized coaches in Muschamp and Clemson’s Dabo Swinney.   Obviously, Carolina strives to get to where Clemson already is.  The upstate’s program is phenomenal right now.  Dabo has recruited brilliantly.  He’s also done a great job of keeping his assistants well-paid and happy.  This will be a fun season.

We also have the pleasure of entering now into an election season.  Statewide elections on November 6th are fast-approaching.  The Governor’s race will be interesting.  Can James Smith–a Richland Democrat really be a down-to-the-wire challenger for Republican Henry McMaster?  I think it will be a competitive race.  

On a personal note, this Fall will be pretty special for me too— The POINT will turn 5 years old on October 28th.  Can you believe we’ve been at it for five years?  It’s remarkable how things have grown at The POINT and how much we’ve evolved since launching in 2013.  PLUS—I will turn 50 years old on November 7th.  A few months ago, we were planning a big party for my 50th.  Now, Laney and I have changed or minds.  We’ll do a party for the radio station.  Don’t need a party for me.

I love this time of the year—excited to spend it with you!

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