Exciting changes at The POINT!

Exciting changes at The POINT!

The beginning of a new year means a fresh start for many!  At The POINT, it’s an opportunity for fresh and new!  We’ve made some changes to our lineup—some, out of necessity.  Some, because it was time for something fresh.  When a situation comes across your desk, you turn it into an opportunity.

For example— Laura Ingraham.  We’ve loved having Laura for 5 years on The POINT with one glaring exception—-her show was never live for us.  When Laura decided she’d had enough with radio and wanted to focus only on TV, it was a great opportunity for us to find what had been missing—and we are so excited to have Dennis Prager on at Noon every Monday through Friday now.  Dennis is tremendous.  He’s brilliant and wise and you will learn something from every show he does.  He’s a great listener and gets wonderful guests.

That’s not all….

We’re so excited to welcome Josh Kimbrell to our lineup.  Josh’s show, “Common Cents” is on Monday through Friday from 8pm-9pm.  Josh is an upstate host branching into The Midlands.  His program gives us another program with a South Carolina flavor.

Michael Savage remains a part of our family at The POINT.  His show has been shortened to one hour—and we’ll continue to bring it to you at 9pm weekdays on The POINT.  Dr. Savage is a Hall of Fame radio talent with a unique perspective of conservatism.  He’s shrewd and direct and we love his no-nonsense approach to the Washington D.C. political cesspool. 

From 10pm-1am weeknights, we’ll have The Todd Schnitt Show.  Todd has been with The POINT from day one!  He’s such a bright talent combining his political views with pop-culture.  He’s energetic and cutting-edge.  Todd is a great way to end the night on The POINT.

We’re not done here though—

We’ve made changes for Sunday morning and Sunday evening too.  Every Sunday morning from 9am-10am, it’s The Pastor’s Pulpit.  Pastor Steven Williamson from Gethsemane Baptist Church in Lexington will bring his passion to The POINT.  Whether you’re home or on your way to church every Sunday, listen into The Pastor’s Pulpit to start your Sunday with a positive message.

Another new member to our team is the addition of Mark Walters—the host of Armed American Radio. The program will air on The POINT every Sunday night from 8pm-11pm.  Mark brings hard hitting talk about the right to bear arms for self defense to the nation’s airwaves. A one-of-a-kind program focusing on the right to carry concealed handguns, safety, training and everything else related to the right to bear arms for self preservation, Mark interviews some of the biggest nationally recognized names in the field of self-defense and tells the truth about concealed carry that the mainstream media simply ignores.

The POINT refuses to stop in our quest to improve.  2019 will be an exciting year and we’re thrilled to continue our quest to be more live and more local!  If you ever have suggestions on our programming, feel free to reach out to Keven Cohen at [email protected].  Thanks and Happy New Year!  May 2019 be a joyous adventure filled with good health, happiness and prosperity!

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