Some honesty on both sides would be phenomenal…

Some honesty on both sides would be phenomenal…

       Let’s start with some transparency.  Wow, that’s a novel concept these days huh?  I want to get the economy going.  Know why?  I am a small businessman myself.  I have this radio station and I need advertisers.  I’ve lost several during the virus and I hope they’ll come back.  But wait…that’s not the transparent part of this opening statement.  I want the economy going because many of my friends are small business owners who desperately need a chance to get going again.  That’s honest, but that’s not where I’m going.  Here’s the transparent part.  I want the economy to get going for the reasons above….and….wait for it….because I want President Donald Trump to win again in November and he needs an economy showing it’s coming back for that to happen.  There!  I said it!    Ladies and Gentleman, I just gave you the underlying reason why so many conservatives want the economy open and the underlying reason why so many liberals don’t.  

I’m not saying that we aren’t all aware of the virus and the possibility that the numbers go back up.  I’m not saying anyone—liberal or conservative is wrong if not ready to go back into the world with some acknowledged uncertainty out there.  I am not shaming anyone not ready to go back as I wish people wouldn’t shame me because I want to get things moving again.

Let’s face facts.  Health vs. Economy is a nice argument.  Most sane people who can separate their politics from common sense want both.  I know I do.  I want people back working and businesses back thriving—but, I want to do it common sense.  Those very far on the right with TCFD (Trump Can’t Fail Disease) or very far on the left with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) are just irrational. Most of us are clearly in the middle of these two fringe groups.  

It’s so simple but people just won’t acknowledge it because they are so politicized in their camp. Trump supporters want a booming economy and a President that can say he took it back there.  Trump haters are in no rush to give the POTUS anything because they know Joe Biden isn’t a candidate whom you vote for.  Liberals are NOT voting for Joe Biden.  They are voting against Donald Trump.  If you’re honest—this has very little to do with Trump’s November opponent.  It has everything to do with getting rid of Trump. Even if it means a bad economy for an extended time.  An honest progressive these days will just admit that a bad economy for a couple of years is worth it if you can get rid of Trump and not have to endure four more years.

    All I’m looking for is a little honesty from people.  Why is that so hard?

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