How’d we get here?

How’d we get here?

      Think about this….less than two months ago, the big debate was about impeachment.  The economy was hitting some historically good numbers.  People wondered who would win in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.  Today?  The world is spinning a little bit off its axis.  I think in my 51 years roaming this Earth—this is the largest global challenge of our life.  I’m still more worried about this from an economic standpoint than I am from a health perspective.

 Imagine—just a few weeks ago when the South Carolina primary wrapped up….where we were.  Now, look at where we are.  We are basically self-quarantined. Our kids are being home-schooled because they can’t go to their own classrooms.  Restaurants can’t let you in their doors.  Gyms, movie theaters and even churches and synagogues and mosques are closed to their own congregants.  Goodness, we can’t even go to our houses of worship to pray.  

Okay…so, this is our new normal—for a little while at least.  Let me throw something at you.  When this is over…and it will be one day in the near future.  We are going to feel pretty good about ourselves as a society.  I don’t think we’ll see rioting in the streets.  A fight here and there for toilet paper might be as bad as it gets.  I think we’ll remember our neighbors and our elderly.  I think we’ll try our best to support our local small businesses the best we can.  I think when this is behind us, we’ll have passed a test as a society and maybe people will realize this isn’t such a nasty time or a nasty world.

We all need to sacrifice here—we might not be the greatest generation—but this virus has been a punch-in-the-gut reminder that in the end, we’re not black or white.  We’re not Democrats or Republicans.  We’re all Americans and we’re all humans.  This thing doesn’t discriminate.  Ask yourself…  “how can I help?”  Let me give you a few suggestions.  

  1. Please stop posting stupid on social media.  Simple as that.  Stop with the stupid.  If you see something that catches your eye about this virus—do NOT post it unless you’ve verified it.  Be responsible.  Instead of complaining about how the media has created a panic—stop being part of the problem.
  2. Think about who you know from your street—your neighborhood—your house of worship that might not be very savvy technically and might need some help with grocery shopping or ordering something online.  Go to the church directory and look them up—call them.  Go knock on a neighbor’s door and ask how things are. Reach out to someone that might need help.
  3. Find a way—any way you can to support local businesses.  This is your community.  This is your neighborhood restaurants and shops.  This is your local tax base.  If these businesses don’t survive—you’ll miss them later.  Try to go to these restaurants and buy a meal to take home.  Tip—no, over-tip the staff.  Buy gift cards to use later from some of these stores.  We must do whatever it takes to keep these local brick-and-mortar businesses alive.  Most of these businesses did not do anything to get themselves into this position.  This came out of nowhere as I noted—two months ago they might have been thriving.
  4. Speaking of our Houses of worship—if you believe in the power of prayer—how about we pray for some people.  Please pray for those directly impacted by this crisis.  Those that are impacted with their health.  Those that are impacted with a loss of business and a threat to their livelihood.  How about praying for the healthcare workers that are trying to take care of sick people around the country?  They need it—so do their families.
  5. Try to stay positive.  This is not easy.  This has kicked our butts emotionally.  We’ve got curfews and limitations on how we can live our lives.  This should make all of realize how great life in America is and how life in smaller countries must be.  Imagine not being able to find a roll of toilet paper on the shelves?  So, this is a challenge but stay positive.  We will get through this.

What can I do to help from The POINT?  Do you know a local business that’s struggling?  Have them email me at [email protected].  I will give away free advertising to as many businesses as I can.  Hey, I need advertisers to keep the lights on—but for now, if you are barely staying above water and I can help you—no strings attached.  I will run free commercial spots on our radio station until this subsides.  This is how I can help—and I will.  



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