Springtime in The Midlands

Springtime in The Midlands

The Democratic Party’s primary is over and so are all the ads and signage.  Doubt you’ll see any of them back here for the next four years.  Now, South Carolina goes back to waiting until November to vote for either President Trump or his opponent.  There will be two interesting races going on in addition to the one for the POTUS.   In District One of South Carolina Joe Cunningham -(D) is the incumbent and will have a serious challenge.  If he wins again, that seat stays with him for a long time.  The Republicans have to flip it this cycle.  Best bet looks like Nancy Mace to get the chance.  The other race I find interesting is for US Senate.  Do I think Lindsey Graham is in trouble?  No.  Do I think he’ll get a serious challenge from Jaime Harrison?  Yep.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d bet strongly on Graham to hold his Senate seat.  It’ll just be interesting to see how seriously the DNC and Dems around the nation want to try and challenge a very well-funded and of course, very well-known Senior Senator from our state.

Let me also just say this now.   As long as we’re welcoming the Springtime—I do not like pollen.  

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