Free college? Wipe out student loans? Seriously?

Free college? Wipe out student loans? Seriously?

      Let’s give some credit where credit is due—I like when Presidential candidates float plans and ideas.  Some are great—some are terrible.  I always appreciate substance over fluff.  Policy ideas are always a plus when you’re running for office. I’ve heard nothing from the majority of the Democratic candidates who are running.  Very few ideas.  So, when Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) floated the idea of free college and wiping out 95% of student loan debts for Americans—I choked on the ideas—but, I appreciated that while 100% pandering, at least she was floating ideas instead of just flashing a smile and trashing President Donald Trump. 

   Now that I’ve given Senator Warren her props—let’s now get into the argument itself.  Free college?  Are you serious?  Since when is it Joe Taxpayer’s job to flip the bill for everyone in college to get a free ride?  Why should college be free?  You know the professors and employees on those college campus won’t work for free.  It’s not my job to pay for your kid to go to college.  A little story—I have a daughter (age 15) and a son (age 13).  I have been saving for their college education since they were born with the Future Scholar 529 program in South Carolina.  No matter how challenging it’s been—I’ve had money taken out of my bank account for 15 years to go toward the education of my children.  There were lean times for us—when we first had our daughter—and of course, when I lost my old radio job and was fired in 2012.  I was out of work for a year and I never interrupted the withdrawals.  So, I’ve sacrificed for the kids—with no regrets.  I want to pay for their education.  As long as they make the grades, I’m willing to pay for school.  

      Student loans being wiped out?  Are you serious?  Sorry, but help to understand when someone was forced to take out the loan to go to college?  Are you forced to take out a mortgage?  Are you forced to take on a car payment?  People make a choice to sign their name to the terms on the dotted line.  When I took out a mortgage, I agreed to pay it back.  When a college student takes out a loan, he/she agrees to pay that loan back.  Has tuition cost reached horribly dangerous levels?  Sure—we can certainly address that issue in our country—-but, wiping out debt?  How much more entitlement does Senator Warren and the Democrats want for our country?  How about some personal responsibility?  Take out a loan and pay it off.  

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